Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fortnight's reminder: 'On Course' reading group

Just a reminder: We're about two weeks away from the first ever ISW reading group, on James Lang's book On Course. Hope everyone's gearing up! Here's our schedule of chapters, with the planned post date and responsible ISW contributor listed after:

  • Before The Beginning: The Syllabus [October 1, Michael Cholbi]
  • Week 1: First Days of Class [October 15, Adam Potthast]
  • Week 2: Teaching with Technology [October 29]
  • Week 3: In the Classroom: Lectures [November 12, Michael Cholbi]
  • Week 4: In the Classroom: Discussions [November 24, Nathan Nobis]
  • Week 5: In the Classroom: Teaching with Small Groups [January 7, Mike Austin]
  • Week 6: Assignments and Grading [January 21, John Alexander]
  • Week 7: Students as Learners [February 4, Chris Panza]
  • Week 8: Students as People [February 18, John Alexander]
  • Week 9: Academic Honesty [March 4, David Hunter]
  • Week 10: Finding a Balance Outside the Classroom [March 18, David Hunter]
  • Week 11: Re-Energizing the Classroom [April 1, John Alexander]
  • Week 12: Common Problems [April 15, Adam Potthast]
  • Week 13: Student Ratings and Evaluations [April 29, Michael Cholbi]
  • Week 14: Last Days of Class [May 13, Nathan Nobis]
  • Week 15: Teachers as People [May 27, Mike Austin]
If you've not been able to track the book down and would like to participate, here's a link to the first chapter on syllabus building. Thanks in advance to all those who participate!

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