Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Steppin' up to the mic: David Hunter

As the post below indicates, David Hunter has agreed to be the second contributor to ISW. As you can tell from his post, David has some very keen observations on the teaching art. So welcome David!


  1. Thanks Michael for the introduction and the kind words. I thought I should probably introduce myself somewhat here. I'm no good at these things so please forgive me but here goes. I presently work in the University of Ulster in the School of Biomedical Sciences, teaching bioethics to an array of future professionals, including biomedical scientists, optometrists, dietitians and nutritionists. My background however is in Philosophy, which I originally studied at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. While I am of course interested in teaching philosophy in the academic arena, I am particularly interested in philosophy outreach. I've been involved in this in two ways, through philosophy for children and for various ethics programs for professionals of various kinds.

  2. Oh and I should have added given the title of this post, one of the things I did (which I will discuss later) in an attempt to improve my teaching skills was a course on improvised comedy...


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