Monday, September 10, 2007

The Office

Folks might enjoying checking out this piece I wrote for Inside Higher Ed. My office really is my favorite perk!


  1. Interesting read. I dream of having my own office. I'm ABD and do not enjoy holding office hours with ten other grad students standing around. I typically hold office hours at a cafe in the building for privacy. I'm teaching and trying to finish the dissertation simultaneously (typical, i know). Any advice for trying to finish by June to go on the market in October? I would very much appreciate it.

  2. Ha! I'm with you Michael. I never tired of looking around at the many books in my undergrad advisor's office. I wanted to ask questions about all of them, but didn't want to infringe too much on her time.

    But I definitely idealized my undergrad professors and their memories still constitute my idea of what it is to be a philosopher. Part of that is definitely the office, so I'm sure part of why I do it is the office as well.

    I'd also add that the academic office is so much different and so much more special than any kind of corporate office. A corporate office is a place where you do work, but once you have a window, what's the point? An academic office is really more than just a place to work. It's part of your identity within the university and a real extension of you and your work.

    Can I also use this place as a plea for academic buildings to be built with the special character of an academic office in mind? So many new buildings are such artificial places and don't even have windows that open. I always feel that those buildings are leaving an important part of academia behind.


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