Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Join us for the first ISW reading group!

Starting in October, In Socrates' Wake will be facilitating an online reading group of James Lang's recent book On Course. The book has been widely praised and comes recommended by some of the ISW readership.

Our plan is to proceed chapter by chapter through the book, with biweekly posts by ISW contributors to kick off the discussion of each chapter. We will continue with other blog content as well, but wehope that our readers will get the book and make a habit of joining in the discussion. Details below the fold ...

Here's the planned schedule of posts:
  1. Before The Beginning: The Syllabus [October 1]
  2. First Days of Class [October 15]
  3. Teaching with Technology [October 29]
  4. In the Classroom: Lectures [November 12]
  5. In the Classroom: Discussions [November 24]
  6. In the Classroom: Teaching with Small Groups [January 7]
  7. Assignments and Grading [January 21]
  8. Students as Learners [February 4]
  9. Students as People [February 18]
  10. Academic Honesty [February 4]
  11. Finding a Balance Outside the Classroom [March 18]
  12. Re-Energizing the Classroom [April 1]
  13. Common Problems [April 15]
  14. Student Ratings and Evaluations [April 29]
  15. Last Days of Class [May 13]
  16. Teachers as People [May 27]
As you can see, we're planning posts every other week on Wednesdays, though that's adaptable to the schedule of the posting contributor.

Lang's book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Powell's , and through Harvard University Press.


  1. The book is impossible to find anywhere, it's on backorder at Amazon,, local stores, etc. It must be very well received.

  2. Tuesday - I guess so! Folks can go ahead and place their orders now, but in the meantime, the Harvard Press site (see my post) has an excerpt of the book (the preface and first chapter) available as a PDF (the link in the upper right). That should tide people over until they get the book. Thanks for your interest.


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