Thursday, April 8, 2010

PLATO - Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization

From Jeff Sebo (NYU):
"Nick and I are thrilled to announce the launch of PLATO (Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization), a new outreach organization affiliated with the APA.

You can find information about PLATO here:

This is a seriously amazing organization, with a seriously amazing website. It has all the information you could possibly want about teaching philosophy at the pre-college level. Are you interested in starting an outreach program? Do you want advice about teaching philosophy at the elementary, middle school, or high school level? Do you want access to relevant articles and books and syllabi and software? Do you want to get in touch with other outreach programs, or foundations that you can seek grant money from? All of that information is here, plus a lot more.

In particular, make sure to check out the page called "Creating a Philosophy Outreach Program" ( We wrote this guide with input from several other outreach programs, with the hope that it will make starting an outreach program a lot easier than it used to be. So if you or anyone you know is at all interested in this, check it out! And of course, let us know if you have any questions that we failed to address, or advice that we failed to include.

Also, invite your friends to this facebook group! The philosophy outreach effort is gaining a lot of momentum right now, so we should all do our best to capitalize and keep spreading the word!

Happy spring!


Jeff & Nick"

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