Monday, June 28, 2010

ISW: From infant to toddler

Yes, believe it or not, ISW is now a whopping three years old. Happy birthday to us!

Needless to say, I wasn't sure back when I did the first post here whether this endeavor would succeed. But I think by any measure, we have reason to be proud of what's happened at ISW:
  • 330 total posts by our 11 contributors, eliciting over 1,400 comments
  • over 4,000 unique visitors, with an average of 100 visits per week
  • visitors from 124 countries
  • 70+ followers, plus over 400 RSS and e-mail subscribers
And here's our 'greatest hits' (or at least those posts that have drawn the most comments!):
  1. Evaluating teaching credentials (September 2007, me )
  2. Business and ethics: A disconnect — Part One (July 2007, by John Alexander)
  3. Does philosophy provide any answers? (October 2007, by Mike Austin)
  4. Teaching pre-college philosophy (March 2009, by Jason Nicholson)
  5. Recommending students do what they shouldn't do (February 2008, me)
  6. A frustration: Evaluating reasoning vs. evaluating premises (January 2010, me)
  7. The reading brain (February 2008, by Becko Copenhaver)
  8. On Course, #1: Before the Beginning (The Syllabus) (October 2008, me)
  9. Reading student e-mails (January 2010, by Chris Panza)
  10. What's philosophy for, anywho? (September 2008, by Chris Panza)
Thanks to all our readers and our contributors!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! I'm a big fan of this blog, I hope to see some of you at the Teaching Philosophy conference this summer...


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