Sunday, February 27, 2011

A venue for scholarly work on ethics and education

The journal Ethics and Education might be a good venue for some of our readers to publish teaching-related scholarship.  I don't recognize any philosophers on the editorial board, but it's a peer reviewed journal "which aims to stimulate discussion and debate around the ethical dimensions of education." It seems half ethics journal/half philosophy of education.

A selection of paper titles that caught my eye suggest the journal's orientation:

  • "Challenging Dutch holocaust education"
  • "Parenting in a technological age"
  • "Respect-due and respect-earned: Negotiating student-teacher relationships"
  • "Learning from Seneca: A Stoic perspective on the art of living and education"
  • "Multiple intelligences, judgment, and the realization of value"
  • "Elusive rivalry? Conceptions of the philosophy of education"
  • "Teaching business ethics: the effectiveness of common pedagogical practices in developing students' moral judgment competence"


  1. Thanks Michael, this is very useful!

  2. That link did not work for me, but here is one that did:

  3. Michael: 'I don't recognize any philosophers on the editorial board'

    I don't work in philosophy of education, but I'm closely related to someone who is, and the names of quite a lot of the folks on the editorial board seemed fairly familiar from that world.

    (The UK ones tend to have posts in education departments, rather than philosophy departments, but would, I think, see themselves as philosophers.)

    And fwiw, Christopher Winch is, I believe, the son of philosopher of social science/Wittgenstein scholar Peter Winch.

  4. Bill, yes: that I don't recognize them speaks more to my ignorance than to their credentials!


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