Thursday, June 9, 2011

10-minute puzzle podcasts

Federico Luzzi and Aidan McGlynn at the Northern Institute of Philosophy have created a series of 10-minute podcasts on basic philosophical issues. The orientation is contemporary and analytic. I listened to the podcast on the trolley problem and found it clear and compelling. This might be a nice supplementary resource for intro to philosophy courses. They might also help students who have trouble identifying term paper topics. Definitely worth checking out!

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  1. I have not listened to these yet, but I have used philosophybites podcasts in my intro course. I basically have students chose one that sounds interesting to them (usually they chose something related to what we have discussed in the course, but that is not required) and then write a short analytical paper on an argument or theory that was discussed. They need to do two of them by the end of the course.

    By the time they do these, they have some experience doing similar papers on small sections of the readings (e.g. a few paragraphs), and they know I do not want mere summaries. I use them in order to encourage students to go beyond the assigned course readings and to seek out philosophy that interests them.

    In sum, I agree that podcasts are worth exploring within the context of a course.


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