Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wakey wakey! The Wake seeks new contributors

The esteemed contributors at ISW wish to add to their ranks.

No, we can't pay you. But ISW would be interested in hearing from interested parties willing to join the esteemed list of contributors (scroll down, look right). Poking around the blog should give you a good idea of what's expected from contributors, but the minimal requirements are:
  • a decent amount of experience teaching this discipline we call philosophy
  • a thoughtful and conscientious approach to said teaching
  • the ability to write cogently and provocatively about teaching
  • a desire to share your ideas about teaching with others and participate in a collaborative community
Because we'd like to diversify the blog's content, the following, though not strictly qualifications, would be welcome:
  • that you aren't male
  • that your main philosophical interests or teaching responsibilities aren't in ethics.
Have I sold you yet? Again, no pay but decent benefits. Please shoot me an e-mail at
if you're interested.

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