Sunday, December 18, 2011

CFP: Philosophy and High Schools

The journal Teaching Philosophy ( solicits contributions for a special issue devoted to philosophical inquiry at the high school level (including its non-U.S. equivalent, such as Gymnasium, Bachillerato, Sixth Form, etc.), with guest editors Jana Mohr Lone (University of Washington) and Mitchell Green (University of Virginia).  

Articles on topics such as (but not limited to) the following are welcome:  
·    general methodological issues related to teaching philosophy at the high school level
·    the challenges and rewards of introducing particular philosophical topics to this age group
·    the value of preparing students for humanistic inquiry in college by reaching them during their time before college
·    the contribution of  philosophy to the cultivation of students' critical reasoning skills
·    the issues involved in creating entirely new, philosophically-based high schools
·    the potential value of service learning college courses or internships that involve outreach to high schools through the medium of philosophy
·    case studies (including either quantitative or qualitative assessment) of initiatives that have incorporated philosophy into the high school curriculum
·    discussion of strategies that may be efficacious in overcoming institutional barriers to supporting philosophy classes in high schools.

Submissions from high school, college, and university faculty as well as independent scholars are welcome and should be prepared for blind refereeing. Submitted manuscripts should be no more than 8,000 words.

Deadline for submissions is September 1, 2012. Accepted papers will be published in mid-2013. Submissions should be made via the journal’s online submission system, at Please indicate that your submission is for the Special Issue on High School Philosophy.

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