Monday, November 12, 2012

In search of: A philosophy pamphlet

Bryan Frances (Fordham) writes with the following request:
I want to put together a fancy pamphlet that I can give freshman who are enjoying my intro class.  Something with a title more or less along the lines of ‘Why Studying Philosophy is a Good Thing’.  Something with lots of nice pictures, graphs, glossy pages, etc.  I was thinking it would have several sections:
1.       Why Philosophy is Good for the Mind.
2.       Why Philosophy is Good for the Soul.
3.       Why Philosophy is Good for Your Career.
4.       Famous People Who Studied Philosophy [including testimonials]
5.       Some Questions Philosophers Investigate
6.       Why Philosophy is Enormously Influential in the World
I suppose that this has already been done in many other places—and done well.  Could you let me know where to find such a thing?  I’d like to steal it, maybe adjust it a bit for my university, and then get a few hundred to hand out to freshman whom I think are “susceptible” to philosophy. 
I know I've seen a lot of great promotional materials for studying philosophy. Who can help Bryan out?


  1. I want to know this too!

  2. This was done pretty well in Plato's Gorgias, but that might not meet some of your criteria.

  3. SUNY Fredonia has a very pretty brochure, available here:


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