Saturday, December 15, 2012

Teaching Philosophy Workshop

Call For Proposals

Proposals for interactive workshops, panels, and presentations related to teaching and learning in Philosophy are welcome.

American Association of Philosophy Teachers
Workshop on Teaching and Learning in Philosophy
Saturday, June 1, 2013
Morehouse College
Atlanta, GA

Submission Guidelines:
1-2 page, single-space description of the aim of the session. Send to Nathan Nobis (Morehouse College), , and Galen Foresman (North Carolina A&T State University),

Meritorious proposals will contain evidence-based content (e.g. relevant learning theory, data regarding student experience) and a clear description of the interactive nature of the session. No identifying information should appear on the proposal.

Workshop Format:
The workshop is designed to provide an opportunity for speakers to receive constructive feedback from interested colleagues, and for other participants to become acquainted with new work in the field. We anticipate close discussion among devoted philosophy teachers and scholars of teaching and learning. There is no registration fee. Contact Nathan Nobis at or404-825-1740 for more information or with questions.

American Association of Philosophy Teachers:
Morehouse College:

Deadline for Receipt of Proposals:
February 15, 2013

This call for proposals is available here in PDF:

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