Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Contemporary classics" on the scholarship of teaching and learning

I'm occasionally asked for recommendations for where to get started in the scholarship of teaching and learning. Thankfully, Paul Corrigan has compiled a list of what I think of as the "contemporary classics" in this area. Spilling the beans, they are:

John Tagg,
The Learning College Paradigm

Dee Fink, Creating Significant Learning Experiences
Maryellen Weimer, Learner-Centered Teaching

Rebekah Nathan, My Freshman Year: What a Professor
Learned by Becoming a Student

John Bean, Engaging Ideas

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  1. These may also interest readers:

    Applying Science of Learning in Education: Infusing Psychological Science into the Curriculum (2014) is a new ebook available for free here:

    Weimer, M. 2010. Inspired College Teaching [which you have mentioned on this blog before, I think]

    Ambrose, S. 2010. How Learning Works.


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