Monday, August 11, 2014

Call for proposals on inclusive philosophy pedagogy

The American Association of Philosophy Teachers (AAPT) and the American Philosophical Association (APA) Committee on Inclusiveness in the Profession seek proposals for 25-minute presentations to be included in two complementary joint panels to be held at the 2015 APA Central Division meeting, which will occur February 18–21 at the Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark in St. Louis, Missouri.
The sessions, "Inclusive Philosophy Pedagogy: What Is It and How Do We Achieve It?,” are intended both to theorize (and perhaps problematize) the very notion of inclusive philosophy pedagogy and to provide audience members with tools and resources to help them make their own philosophy pedagogy more inclusive. Thus, both theoretical and practical approaches to the theme are warmly welcomed.

Please send a 300-word abstract of your proposed presentation in .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .pdf format to Shannon Dea ( no later than September 15, 2014. Please prepare your submission for anonymous review, including removing any identifying information from the document properties. You may indicate your name, affiliation, and contact information in the main body of the email accompanying your submission.
The AAPT and the APA inclusiveness committee are eager to assemble a demographically diverse panel. If you are a member of an underrepresented group and wish to identify yourself as such, please include this information in your email as well.
Authors can expect to receive a decision in early October 2014.
Please direct any questions about these panels to Shannon Dea.
All the best,
Susana Nuccetelli
Chair, APA Committee on Inclusiveness in the Profession

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