Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Philosophers' Magazine -- on teaching

The Philosophers' Magazine, a well-known UK publication, will focus its next issue on teaching. Preview below the cut:

The Philosophers’ Magazine aims bring readable philosophical writing to the wider world. The next issue features a number of articles about teaching philosophy, in addition to the usual mix of articles, opinion pieces, columns, news, and book and film reviews.   In it, Jennifer M Morton argues that philosophy ought to go beyond critical thinking and help disadvantaged people think about building a better world, Michael Cholbi makes a case for the view that grading students is itself unphilosophical. There’s a piece by Rodger Jackson about trust, education as a business, and the teacher-student relationship that’s actually very funny. David W. ConcepciĆ³n considers the way studying philosophy can transform students. Michael Lacewing takes up the difference between doing philosophy and studying philosophy.  And Emily Esch writes about teaching philosophy as a way to inculcate rational dispositions. There’s a really interesting practical piece by Peter Worley, about how to teach children, which is available on our site here – there are a number of tricks worth learning, useful if you teach children or adults.
 Our articles cover mainstream topics in philosophy often written by philosophers of international standing.  We also publish opinion pieces and book and film reviews which are good springboards for classroom discussion. There’s subscription information here – in short, it’s $40 for four issues and digital, searchable access to nearly 20 years of the magazine via desktop or app. Institutional subscriptions are available here too.

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