Friday, February 19, 2016

Undergraduate Diversity Institutes in Philosophy

American Philosophical Association

A number of undergraduate diversity institutes in philosophy are
now accepting applications for their 2016 sessions. These institutes
operate independent of one another, but they share the overarching
goal to encourage and support undergraduates from underrepresented
groups in philosophy. Each institute normally accepts 10-20 students
per year.

The following institutes are now accepting applications:

Philosophy in an Inclusive Key (PIKSI) –
PIKSI-Rock (June 13-22, 2016) and
PIKSI-Boston (July 17-23, 2016).
Application deadline: March 21, 2016.
Rutgers Summer Institute for Diversity in Philosophy –
July 10-17, 2016.
Application deadline:May 9, 2016.
Summer Immersion Program in Philosophy 
at Brown University (SIPP@Brown) –
July 17-30, 2016. Application deadline: March 15, 2016.
UCSD Summer Program for Women in Philosophy –
June 20-July 1, 2016. Application deadline:March 1, 2016.
UMass Dartmouth Summer Program for Diversity: Logic –
May 22-28, 2016. Application deadline:April 18, 2016.
Undergraduates and recent graduates from underrepresented groups,
including women, African Americans, Chicano/as and Latino/as, Native
Americans, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, LGBTs, individuals from
 economically disadvantaged communities, and people with disabilities,
are urged to apply.
We encourage you to spread the word about these and other opportunities
 to your undergraduate students, and to consider serving as their sponsor.
Faculty sponsors mentor students, helping them to prepare their applications,
and, when possible and appropriate, work with the students after the summer
institute to help further the gains the students have made.

All the best,

Amy E. Ferrer
Executive Director

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