Friday, August 20, 2010

One last reminder: Not for Profit discussion starts August 25

A last reminder (and an announcement): The start of our online reading group on Nussbaum's Not for Profit is August 25. I'm also pleased to announce that in addition to posts from the regular ISW contributors and a concluding comment from Martha Nussbaum, Timothy Burke will be guest posting during the reading group. Tim is a specialist in African history, but also dabbles in U.S. popular culture. His blog Easily Distracted is one of the most long-standing, and in my estimation best, academic blogs out there (and indeed, I've linked to Tim's work a number of times here at ISW: on assessment and institutional transparency, students' impulse to use phrases like 'fails to consider' in their writing, and most recently on tenure). I never fail to learn something and be provoked Tim's posts on teaching and higher education, so I know he'll offer  valuable insights on humanities education from a non-philosopher's point of view.

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