Sunday, August 29, 2010

Upcoming schedule: Not for Profit reading group

I hope all our readers have been doing the extra credit assignment and reding Nussbaum's Not for Profit. I kicked off our online reading group off last week, and here's the schedule for the rest of this event:
  • August 30: Chris Panza
  • September 2: John Alexander
  • September 9: Adam Potthast
  • September 13: Mike Austin
  • September 16: Becko Copenhaver
  • September 20: Vance Ricks
  • September 23: Jason Nicholson
  • September 27: Harry Brighouse
  • September 30: David Hunter

And as I mentioned, we'll also have a guest post from Tim Burke, and our author Martha Nussbaum will be replying to the posts once the group has concluded. I hope everyone will join in.

1 comment:

  1. Expect my week 2 post on the second chapter on Tuesday (the 31st) at some point -- my Monday's are simply insane!



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